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Anaesthesiologists were made so that surgeon can become ‘HEROES’ The Department is giving services to broad range of patients varying from neonates, infants and Children to elderly people, for procedures as simple (day care procedures) as dilatation and Curettage, Closed reduction of artiness , hysteroscopy etc. to complex procedures like joint replacement , cleft palate surgeries, laparoscopic gynecological surgeries (LAVH) etc. A holistic approach signaling patient safety is taken and that includes. Screening of patients (preanaesthetic checkups) Administrating of Anesthesia Monitoring of vital signs Preventions of complications Treatment of complications Safe discharge The department also caters its services to the interested candidates for LABOUR ANALGESIA, a boon for those full time pregnant patients who want normal deliveries but cannot bear labour pain. Studies have suggested that epidural anesthesia might decrease the likelihood of post partum depression. As, it is not the operation itself that is critical, It is the anesthesia that has a bigger risk. The department is well equipped with Dragger workstation (in OT), Monitoring devices, difibrillators as well as ventilator and Bipap machines (in ICUs). Emergency Management services run 24X7 6 bedded ICU is there for giving case to crtically ill patients and 6 bedded recovery ward is there to take care of post operative patients. Department also provides point of care technology with USG for diagnostic / therapeutic purposes.