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Acne vulgaris is the most common dermatological ailment affecting young population. Most of the times acne are age related due to hormomal changes and subsequent thickening of oil or excessive oil production. Comedones, papules, pustules, nodules, cysts are all spectrum of acne.  Affected areas are mostly face, V- area of chest and back. Acne, if not associated with grave hormonal imbalance or pcos, subsides till 30 years of age. P.acne infects the lesions to form pustules and nodulocysticprodcts acne. Aggravating factors can be hot and humid weather, fast food rich diet, improper hygiene, usage of improper and excessive products and cosmetics. The problem with acne is that it most commonly affects young age population who are more socially conscious about their looks and if not controlled at the right time, can cause scarring and marks. Over the counter steroid combination creams and intramuscular steroid injections cause severe flares of acne known as acneform eruptions, and are not advisable. Moisturisers, sunscreen, facewash to be applied on face are specific and different for oily and combination skin. Proper treatment with oral and topical medicines and procedures like comedone extraction and chemical peels can be undertaken under expert guidance of a qualified dermatologist.

Dr. Kopal Maheshwari

Consultant Dermatologist